Demo 2016

by Difference Between

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released January 6, 2016

Duncan Between
Mikey Youth
Hard As Buck
Major Gains

Drums, Vocals, Bass recorded 12/31/15 @ The Crisis Cave
Guitar recorded: 1/2/16 @ Buck Manor

Lyrics by Mike and Duncan

Think Again Records release 003, tapes available soon.



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Difference Between Illinois

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Track Name: Here Today
Here today
Gone the next
You're no different from the rest

You never stood for anything
You didn't mean anything

Not some trend
To break and bend
We'll be here 'til the end

Here today
Gone the next
We'll be here
'Til the fuckin end
Track Name: No Way
Everyone's got free will
No doubt in that
When I see you struggle
I can't stand back

Won't leave your side
Won't walk away
Not going anywhere
Track Name: My Choice
Tell me I'll regret this choice I've made
That I'll change my mind when I hit "that age"
Straight edge'til the end of my days
Years from now I'll still be this way

My choice
My voice

You pester and pester and claim you know best
You'll never understand, you're just like the rest
Won't follow the herd, no matter my age
Years from now I'll still be this way
Track Name: Won't Give In
I look around and see what can't be seen
A world so plagued by apathy
Turning a blind eye to society
Ignoring what can clearly be seen

I won't give in

You turn your head, you walk away
You think you have something better to say
Pretending you care, for something you don't
Won't take a stand for what you believe

I'll say it loud, I'll say it proud
Won't give in to your fucking crowd

Seeing the way you live your life
Unwilling to put up a fight
Turn you head, pretend you can't see
A world so plagued by apathy
Track Name: United Together
Fight together
To take a stand
Walk together
Hand in hand
United together
We stand as one
The straight edge will keep us strong
Track Name: Difference Between
Heard it all before, and I'm fucking sick
Do what you want but leave me out of it

I made a choice to take a stand
Why's it so hard for you to understand?

Can't have fun unless you're at the bar
Living like that won't get you far
Call me a fool cause I don't engage
Not buying in to your bullshit ways

Can't face yourself, you need your drink
Your view on life is so fucking bleak

Nothing left to say or do
This is the difference between me and you